Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the LCN?
A. A group of professionals seeking consulting work for short or long term projects. It is also a free referral service for companies seeking expertise they don’t have “in house”.

Q. Why should I join the LCN as a member?
A. As a member, your resume is made available to companies seeking engineering expertise. Also, you are able to network with your peers to discuss things like consulting agreements, etc.

Q. As a company looking for a consultant, what can the LCN do for me?
A. The LCN can refer you to a member that has the expertise you are looking for. There is no cost for the referral. Companies can get expertise of consultants without having to recruit and hire a full time employee.

Q. Is the LCN a consulting company?
A. No, the LCN just connects companies to individual consultants. All financial arrangements are made between the company and the consultant.

Q. What kinds of experience do the members of the LCN have?
A. LCN members have a wide range of experience, including but not limited too:

  • Design and development engineering
  • Technical support (manufacturing, certifications, test)
  • Business consulting (planning, marketing, inventory management)
  • Expert witness, patent evaluation, professional engineer
  • Networks and communications