A Letter From Our Region 3 Director – Jobs

Region 3,

Engineering unemployment in Region 3 continues to be a major problem for our membership.  By the best surveys that I have seen, the average is 12%.  In my home town of Greenville, South Carolina, it is close to 20%.  The space industry in Florida is expected to suffer major layoffs in the coming months.
Because of this, Employment Assistance is my top priority.  Since January, I have been focused on actions that will increase support for our unemployed members.  These actions include,
  – Work with the IEEE Board of Directors to ensure that Employment Assistance is their top priority.
  – Work with IEEE Career Services and other IEEE Employment Assistance groups to make sure that Region 3 has access to all available tools / resources that can benefit our unemployed members.
  – Improve southeast industrial relations through IEEE events such as Southeastcon 2010, Distributech, and IEEE PES seminars.
  – Facilitate the use of networking tools such as myIEEE and Linkedin by our members.
  – Work with Bill Harrison and Ed Kirchner to develop a proposal to MGA that will provide new funding for a series of Employment Assistance projects in Region 3.
  – Begin the design of a improved Region 3 Employment Assistance web site.
  – Work with Jim Anderson and John Montague to ensure that our Membership Development efforts are ongoing and strong.
  – Develop ways in which to leverage the skill sets of the extended Region 3 ExCom to help us solve our unemployment challenge.  Training skills from Charles Lord will be key to the delivery of all of this.
There is some good news.  For the first time in several years, companies that monitor capital investment that result in new engineering jobs are saying that investors are now active.  We need to make sure that Region 3 is tracking the new employment trends and that every single Region 3 member is aware of where the growth is and what skills are required.  George McClure is our point person in telling us what trends are important.
Tonight, you will hear from a dedicated team of volunteers that care about their fellow IEEE member.  All of these members have critical parts of the overall plan to build the Region 3 IEEE Network and make sure that we as IEEE Members are ready for the economic upturn.  Please participate tonight in this important discussion.  You may have a job but many of your fellow Members don’t.  We need to discuss, plan and help them.  We’ll also be ready to help you in the future.
For your Action Item tonight, please help me identify one Type A volunteer in every Section that can serve as your Employment Assistance Coordinator.
Lee Stogner, PMP
Director, Region 3
Member, IEEE Smart Grid Initiative
Mobile   864-360-9415